au2:box and au2:ID

The simplest solution for an easier vehicle administration


  • au2:box is compatible with all vehicles with OBD2 connector
  • au2:box sends information in real time with vehilces current position and travel, status, who drives the vehicle and much more direct to your computer or mobile phone‚Äč
  • au2:box fulfills the requirements of the Swedish tax agency for electronic driving journals
  • au2:box is the first OBD2 unit in the market with back up battery and speaker


  • au2:ID communicates wireless with au2:box and is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle
  • au2:ID can be powered wioth USB cabel or rechargeable battery
  • au2:ID is compatible with the most common RFID tags
  • au2:ID is not limited to one driver, it can be used by multiple drivers and users

Very easy installation

To install au2:box and au2:ID couldn't be more easier. You place au2:box in the OBDII connector of the vehicle and au2:ID is place one arm length from the driver's seat

Compact, powerful and full of good functions

  • au2:box and au2:ID is full of good technology and functions. au2:box has high accuracy, built in speakers for reminder and confirmation of driver identification ( au2:ID). If au2:box is removed from the OBDII connector an alarm will be sent directly by SMS and/or email using built battery
  • You can instantly select private or business travel on au2:ID

What are your needs?

au2:box and au2:ID and associated web functionalties are fully developed and owned by Jiricom

Thanks to this we can adjust our products to suits your needs and requirements

We would like to know more about your needs and how we can help making vehicle administration easier for you, contact us!

Limited offer

Now you will get au2:ID at no additional cost when ordering au2:box and 30 days trial period

Good prices and good conditions

au2:box costs 25 Euro per month and au2:ID costs 8 Euro per month. Commitment period is one year at time, no hidden costs or surprises for our customers

Volume discount

We offer lower prices at bigger orders, contact for a good deal

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